Teatro Alfa is proud to be a reference for quality in Brazil’s cultural agendas. It is only possible thanks to the collaboration of our sponsors, who are aware of the importance of the socio-cultural development of the country and the potential of the public culture, and who contribute to carrying out the activities of the theatre. 

Annually, we develop a diverse programming in the areas of dance, theatre, musicals, children’s theater and music, always focusing on quality and innovation; we maintain the School Project and Discovering the Theatre, main socio-cultural projects of the theatre; in addition to other specific actions.
Businesses that identify with the values and activities of Teatro Alfa are very welcomed! Collaboration can be done with a marketing budget or through legal incentives: the Rouanet Law, Proac – the ICMS Law and the Mendonça Law.

For more information, contact us via email: patrocinios@teatroalfa.com.br


Companies that had sponsored the Teatro Alfa in the past:


2018 Season Partners: Aliança Aliança_Hamburg Süd Alupar Bain & Company Banco Alfa Braskem Deutsche Bank Motorola Multiplus Ultra