About Discounts

Discounts for Senior Citizens


50% for seniors over 60 years old: documents with a photo that proving their age. Retirees: documents with a photo that proves their condition.


Discounts for Public School Professors

17-teatro-alfa-desktop-descontos_11 50% for state publics school teachers: working license issued by the State Secretary of Education.



Discounts for Students

17-teatro-alfa-desktop-descontos_0950% The purchase of a half-price ticket is a personal and non-transferable right, the reason being that it is conditional upon the attendance of the beneficiary, his or her legal guardian or attorney, duly authorized by the original proxy and accompanied by one of the following documents: Students – Card issued by: – Public or Private elementary, middle or high schools; – UNE or UBES; – UMES (only applicable to official educational establishments); – Academic Directories, Academic Centers or Student Directory Centers.



If the document has passed its expiration date, a document that proves the enrollment or attendance in the current school year must be presented.

Important Notice

The discounts are not cumulative. Some events, promoted by other institutions, may have different procedures for ticket sales. Call our box office or check the cultural agendas periodically released in the press.