What is the Center for Documentation and Memory (CDM)?

The Teatro Alfa’s Center for Documentation and Memory (CDM) is a dynamic space for studies, research, preservation and diffusion of information about the shows presented at the Teatro Alfa since its creation and also about our own history, particularly our projects and cultural and educational actions. We also have a library for the performing arts, with a thematic focus on Dance and Children and Youth Theatre.

Types of materials

The CDM collection features the following subdivision:

  1. Memory from the Teatro Alfa
  2. Other collections

The Memory from the Teatro Alfa collection is made up of materials about its shows, its history, the events that were carried out in it and its social projects. The documental nucleus relating to the shows presented at Teatro Alfa is made up of the collection of documents produced before, during and after the shows, which are:

  • programs
  • records of still images (photos, postcards, posters, etc.)
  • records of moving images (DVDs)
  • records of audio produced by the Theatre
  • documents forwarded by the companies/groups or by the artists
  • clippings from printed or electronic media
  • technical riders

The historical core is composed of dossiers with documents about the inauguration of the Theatre, about the building (architecture, technical specifications, etc.), about the programming, highlighting the artistic seasons, among other things.
The documental core about the social projects brings together documents that guide the socio-educational actions of Teatro Alfa, as well as records of the initiatives developed at the Theater throughout the years.
The core of events provides an overview of the use of the space by third parties.
The other collections includes a variety of documents – books, DVDs, CDs – related to the Teatro Alfa’s programming and actions, collected and acquired for the purpose of completing the Memory Collection and give greater representation to the collection, within the thematic areas it covers.


The CDM offers public, open and free consultation, by appointment.
Its target audience is made up of researchers and professionals from the scenic arts, and students from universities and technical courses, but also serves the general public.

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