Alfa Criança

Project School

Our seasonal shows may also be presented during the week for public and private school students.
The scheduling of shows is done in accordance with demand and with the participation of at least 120 children. If this number is not reached, the presentation is done for various schools in the same session.
To stimulate this public in a different and educational way, the Teatro Alfa team develops specific programs and activities for each show. The goal of this action is to prepare the children for a trip to the theatre, as well as broaden their experience as spectators:


– Show Program: a small interactive book that brings proposals for activities related to the themes or staging proposals of the spectacles. It also presents curiosities about the company and the plays. The seasonal programs can also be collected, serving as guides for children’s discoveries about the theatre.


Educational material with activities: Educational material with suggestions for activities for children of different ages. This material can be utilized before and/or after the show. It can assist with educational planning and enrich the experience of going to the theatre.

Information and scheduling: (11) 5693-4015